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Twitter + Outdoortype, going on almost four years

This morning I was wondering about how long I’ve had an account on Twitter. I couldn’t find my original “Welcome to Twitter” email, but I did discover this excerpt from a chat with my early adopter friend Phi dated 22 January 2007. Read along and witness a conversation that would replay itself over the next several years with millions of other people…

3:23 PM me: why did i just sign up for twitter?
what does it do for me?
phi: because you’re bored
me: yeah, but you told me to
phi: i don’t know what it does for you
3:24 PM basically
its like your status on gtalk
3:25 PM but it broadcasts onto the web via an XML file
me: does it pull my status from gtalk?
phi: i don’t know
you can try
it has a status thingy for IM
me: or do you have to update it separately?
phi: i don’t know
i’m using ichat
3:26 PM and there’s a plugin that lets you update twitter with iChat
3:27 PM see
3:28 PM the (null) ones were ones that i didn’t mean to do but i was installing the plugin
3:29 PM seems to be a bit buggy
me: yeah
3:30 PM maybe you should not be advertising how you are bored at work
3:31 PM phi: ha
i think i’m gonna uninstall the plugin
i have a better client to use to update

5 minute
3:36 PM phi: i think the problem with twitter is going to be like friendster
its not scalable
and its bogging down because too many people are using it
3:37 PM me: yeah, i’ve already somewhat abandoned the idea
a website has to work to keep my interest
phi: well
this isn’t really a website thing
there are many apps out there to use it
and there is a flash badge
to stick on your blog
me: i clicked on some links that didn’t work during the sign up process
phi: or whatever you want
me: oh
3:38 PM i haven’t been blogging much lately
End scene.


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