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Space Shuttle Discovery Goes to Washington


04 2012

In 1998 I Made A Website…

…It was called the Four Way Stop because I apparently had only four primary interests in life:

1. I really liked the book “Are You My Mother?”

2. I really liked backpacking. 1998 Brian was going to graduate from Mary Washington College with a degree in history and then go work for the National Park Service.

3. I really liked Fun Stuff!!! The Onion was 10 years old at that point, but it was New To Me. And hilarious (still is).

4. I really liked my poetry. I’m not saying it like, “Ooh boy, back in the day Brian sure liked him some poetry.” I mean, I like MY poetry, as written by brooding 1991-1994 Brian. Maybe some day I’ll get around to fixing those broken links, but in the meantime, you can just read the titles and imagine the greatness. It’s probably better that way.




01 2012


Post-Fiesta, originally uploaded by BWKP.

Almost time for a nap…


10 2011

Live Strong

Live Strong, originally uploaded by BWKP.

(eat pancakes)


10 2011

1.5″ in Burke at 8:46PM

1.5" in Burke at 8:46PM, originally uploaded by BWKP.


08 2011

Rain gauge

Rain gauge, originally uploaded by BWKP.

Made a rain gauge out of a five gallon bucket. It’s secured to the deck with the strap I use to keep my kayaks on the roof of a speeding car. Should keep a bucket on a deck during a tropical storm, right?

I probably won’t make too many periodic checks on account of not wanting to go outside unnecessarily. Better to just be surprised in the morning.


08 2011

Flashlights & Batteries at Target

Flashlights & Batteries at Target, originally uploaded by BWKP.

As seen in Burke a few hours into the early stages of Irene.


08 2011

Honda generator purchased

Honda generator purchased, originally uploaded by BWKP.

Found it in Manassas for $1,200. Honda raised their prices $200 overnight.


08 2011

Earthquake “damage”

Earthquake "damage", originally uploaded by BWKP.

As found in my office…


08 2011

Sunday Brunch at the Huckleberry Inn

Sunday Brunch at the Huckleberry Inn, originally uploaded by BWKP.


08 2011