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#quietwhisper, originally uploaded by BWKP.

Riding bikes down Old Keene Mill from Burke to East Burke (ie. West Springfield).


05 2011

Hail or high winds?

Hail or high winds?, originally uploaded by BWKP.

Pretty violent storm this evening. Conditions went from "hey look, the skies are getting dark, maybe there’s something to these WX radio alerts after all," to "Whoa, where did across the street go?" and my favorite:

CB: the power is out
BK: wait, what? Oh yeah, look that. That was fast. Come on let’s go to the basement already.


05 2011


Farmville, originally uploaded by BWKP.


05 2011

Don’t tread on me

Don’t tread on me, originally uploaded by BWKP.


05 2011

Having fun with the power washer

Having fun with the power washer, originally uploaded by BWKP.


05 2011

I wanna rock!

I wanna rock!, originally uploaded by BWKP.

Can’t do this with a Mini Cooper.


05 2011

We’ll make it virtually.

I <3 Google Voice when it tries its very best and fails so miserably. Here’s a message that CB left tonight:

Boy, it’s, hey seen. I’m leaving now. I’m leaving downtown, so I’m going to be home for a while cos I’m. A good time tonight. I think the red line couple of stuff so much of. I don’t know if that’s So I’ll be a little while. But anyways, Marlene, I’m away from. I’ll see you soon. Don’t forget those observer hamburger restrictions on monster of chilling. If you want to me about if you have a great so I will probably have. We’ll make it virtually. If you don’t have that or or whatever so. I will talk to you later. Bye.


05 2011


Jello, originally uploaded by BWKP.

It’s what’s for dinner.


05 2011